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When your clients have questions about quitting, we want to arm you with answers. More importantly, we want your clients to know what the next step is to succeed. That's why we provide periodic training webinars where we delve into topics like the process of referring your client successfully, or what happens behind the scenes at Smokers' Helpline, or just what to expect from a call or an online interaction. We also provide downloads and printed materials to help your clients and colleagues understand what we offer and how we offer it.

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Smokers' Helpline 101: Helping your clients quit

Webinar, January 2018 
Duration: 19m38s

Smokers' Helpline: Quit support for First Nations, Inuit & Métis communities

Duration: 1m48s

Téléassistance pour fumeurs 101: Une introduction aux services

Webinar, October 2018
Duration: 25m52s

Smokers' Helpline: In our clients' words

Duration: 30s

Connecting the dots: Behind the scenes of SHL's referral program

Webinar, October 2018
Duration: 1h01m39s

Smokers' Helpline: Ready to quit, now what?

Duration: 42s

Fact sheets

Referring a client to Smokers' Helpline (pdf)
Download (84 KB)
Smokers' Helpline services - English (pdf)
Download (58 KB)
Smokers' Helpline Text message support (pdf)
Download (2008 KB)

Promotional materials

Referral card for clients - Why pick up the phone? (pdf)
Download (640 KB)
The Benefits of Quitting Poster (pdf)
Download (651 KB)

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