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Ground Control to Major Tom

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  1. nosmokejoe
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    13 Jul 2021
    14 Jul 2021
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    Hi All, I hate you all equally!!  Sorry,  day 12 of quitting smoking and it really sucks.  Earlier in the day is easier but after 5PM, wow.  Feeling disconnected and dissociated with my world.  Best worst bad trip I've ever had.  Reality is altered and flat.  I feel like I'm re-writing my DNA while the synapses in my brain controlling the addiction are singing like Sirens doing their best to lure me back. I'm in the thick of it now and plan to ride out the storm!  

    Apologies for the vulgarity, but hopefully it helps someone else going through the same thing as me.  I'll post again at the end of the month letting you know how I feel.  

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  2. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    15 Jul 2021 in reply to nosmokejoe
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    Hi noksmokejoe! Welcome to the group, and thanks for levelling with us about how you're feeling. You paint a vivid picture! 

    Riding out the storm can be easier with a community of people who have the same goal. That's really why we are here. Strength -- and wisdom -- in numbers. 

    Feeling disconnected is common in the early days; hopefully you will start to feel more grounded again, over time. 

    Congratulations on the smoke-free days under your belt, nosmokejoe. Please keep us posted, and know that we are here for you. 
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