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When do things start tasting normal again?

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  1. pameladds
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    13 Feb 2024
    11 Mar
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    I'm on day 11 this time around.  I quit for 7 days last month then smoked for a week.  I notice this time around that nothing tastes right.  i used to enjoy my daily tea now it's gross.  Other things are tasting spicy where I never noticed they were before.  Anyone else have the same issue, how long until you can enjoy things again?
  2. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    12 Mar in reply to pameladds
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    Hi pameladds,

    Congratulations on 11 days smoke free! What a wonderful accomplishment!

    Smoking does interfere with your sense of taste and smell and when you quit, it can take some time for your body to adjust and heal. It's not uncommon to experience your food tasting different and your tongue may even feel strange. The good news is that your sense of taste and smell should return to normal soon. As your blood becomes more oxygenated, the oral tissues will receive a normal amount of blood flow again and your sense of taste will return to normal.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm regards,
    Karen, Quit Coach
2 posts, 0 answered