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My list of the benefits of quitting smoking

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  1. linda, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    01 May 2019
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    People find helpful to make a list of all the benefits of quitting – It can be a great way to stay motivated when things get tough.
    Here’s a list of a few benefits of quitting:
    Improved breathing 
    Have more energy 
    It’s easier to exercise 
    Hair, clothes, home and car will smell better 
    Saving money 
    Better role model for others 
    Reduce risk of heart diseases and much more...
    What is your list of the benefits of quitting smoking? 
  2. wimporswim
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    29 Nov 2017
    09 May 2019 in reply to linda, quit coach
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    Hi Linda,

    Absolutely, all the benefits you listed.  Just a few quirkier things that apply to me.

    My wife once bought me a shirt that did not have a pocket for my cigarettes.  Only wore it once.  For me, as a hard core smoker, that shirt was a major frustration and I refused to wear it! Where was my habit going to be stored so they were always at hand?  Pretty trivial stuff but it did not seem so when I was a smoker.
    Today, I couldn't care less if my shirts have pockets.  Could not tell you right now if the ones in my closet have pockets.  Dunno, don't care (even though I still try to grab them from there quite often).

    And because I always carried my cigarettes in that shirt pocket I would ruin many a sweater in winter from constantly reaching for my pack from the top. My sweaters no longer have frayed necks!

    I am not trying to make light of the "real" benefits but I am really starting to see how those that never smoked could ever understand how strong our addiction could be.

  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    09 May 2019
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    Wimporswim, that is so funny!  And I can really relate to that.  In my case, my "pocket" was a zipper compartment in my purse.  I would not buy a purse that didn't have that pocket for me to put my cigs and lighter in.  It was as simple as that.  Because when I wanted a smoke, I didn't fool around.  I had to have my fix.

    How I love the freedom that comes from not smoking any more.  When I think of all the time I wasted, it's such a shame.  I couldn't do anything without smoking first.  I had to smoke before work, during work, after work, before dinner, after dinner, sometimes during dinner.  This addiction takes over your whole life.  It's incredible.

    Now, I no longer wake up with jungle breath.  I don't reek of smoke, so I don't turn other people off.  I am no longer embarrassed by my addiction.  And my breathing improved so much it is almost surreal.  And I no longer put holes in my clothes due to a stray ash.  Also, I don't have to hide my yellow fingers, because now they are a normal colour.  And the list goes on.  It rocks being a non-smoker!
3 posts, 0 answered