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A Quit Kit

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  1. nadia b, quit coach
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    18 Jan 2019
    30 Jan 2019
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    Sometimes we miss having something in our hands when we are drinking a coffee, talking on the phone, standing outside and talking with people, etc.

    Quit Kits are fun little items that you can put together as part of your quit!

    Items you can include are:
    • Normal chewing gum
    • Lollipops (sugar free in you prefer)
    • Fidget toys (i.e. fidget spinner)
    • Silly putty or play-doh
    • Little crunchy snacks (i.e. almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, corn nuts, cheerios)
    • Bubbles (fun in the summer time with kids and pets)
    • A journal, pen or pencil
    • A small calendar
    • Puzzles
    • Word games (i.e. crosswords, word searches, Sudoku)
    • Toothpicks, straws (could be cut up in the length of a cigarette), stir sticks
    • Tooth brush
    • Stop watch - time you cravings or (if you are cutting down) your time between cigarettes 
    • Knitting needles or crochet hook(s)
    • Smokers' Helpline contact information
    • Your quit aids (patches, gum, inhalers, oral spray)

    Have fun with it, be creative! Maybe treat yourself to a large pencil case or vanity/toiletry bag

    Has anyone created a quit kit? Feel free to share what you would or have created in your quit kit!

    -nadia b
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  2. tiny2018
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    23 Mar 2019
    24 Mar 2019
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    THat is a real awesome idea. the items in the quit kit from my previous quit attempts that are things that I would want or reach for or thought of when that moment was going on instead of having one all prepared ahead of time so is there. I am going to see if can do a little bit at the store and pick up what I can for a quit kit and maybe when am there may see something that I think would be something I want to do and put it in my quit kit as well.
2 posts, 0 answered