Text Support

Receive support on the go with scheduled text messages customized to your quit date. Text keywords for additional help when you need it the most, and chat with a live Quit Coach during our business hours.

Start now online:

  1. Register for your FREE SmokersHelpline.ca account (or log in to your existing account)
  2. Activate Text Support in your Profile
  3. Respond to the confirmation text on your phone

OR register by mobile phone:

  1. Enter the phone number 123456
  2. Type the message iQUIT
  3. Press Send
  4. Enter your quit date or reply THINKING (if you're not ready to set a date)

What to expect

Scheduled messages

Text messages will start arriving daily and slow down as you need less support. If you set your past or future quit date, these messages will deal with the symptoms and problems you're dealing with at every step. If you're still thinking about quitting, or you have a slip and aren't ready to quit again, enter THINKING for more general advice and tools. 

Text Keywords

Use keywords like EDGY, CRAVING, STRESS, or ALCOHOL when you need support. Our automated system will respond quickly with a recommendation on how to cope. After signing up, text KEYWORDS for the full list of available words.

Chat live with a Quit Coach

Have a quick question about withdrawal or need somebody to help you through a tough craving? During Smokers' Helpline business hours, registered Text Support users can now text one-on-one with a Quit Coach for personal craving support. After registration, text CHAT to start your one-on-one session. Text HOURS for chat hours of operation.

This service available to ON, SK & PEI phone numbers only
Text messaging rates from your provider may apply. 
If you register online, your first message will ask you to accept our terms of service via text.

Get started with Smokers' Helpline today!