Forums / Welcome / Quit smoking February 4, 2019 after many years of smoking, quitting then starting again. This time I will stay smoke free!! New to this group!

Quit smoking February 4, 2019 after many years of smoking, quitting then starting again. This time I will stay smoke free!! New to this group!

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  1. deb13
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    08 Mar 2019
    07 Mar
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    Hello everyone!  New here and just looking to read the postings of people that are going through the same withdrawal and accomplishment I am!   Happy to be here!
  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    08 Mar in reply to deb13
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    Welcome and congrats on being smoke free for just over a month now!

    It is hard work, and the more resources we make us of the better the odds are that we can keep our quit. 
  3. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    08 Mar
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    Hi deb and welcome to the forum.  We're glad you're here!

    And congratulations on 1+ month already.  You are rockin' this quit.

    At 1 month, my experience was that the fight turned from a physical dependence to a psychological battle.  Everything I was used to doing, I was used to doing with a nicotine buzz.  I had to constantly adjust and re-evaluate almost everything.  I pretty much gave up drinking alcohol for the next three months as it seemed to make my nerves even worse.  I used the 3-A's (Avoid, Alter, Accept) much during this time and deep box meditative breathing to help calm myself, re-confirm my goals and direction, and chive on!!!  Months 2-4 were a time of deep self-reflection and aligning myself with a preferred and improved self-image.  I also became extremely active during this time, both to distract myself and burn off some extra energy.  My gardens have never looked so good as they did last year!!!

    Many of us have shared similar experiences and eagerly offer support to help you on your journey. 

    I smirk a little when I read your title "This time I will stay smoke free!!" - it reeks of confidence.  I love it.

    Hope to see you around often, sharing your successes (or troubles) with us, or just quietly taking what you need to succeed from this forum.

  4. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    08 Mar
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    Another new member - what a great day! 
    Welcome deb13 - so happy you decided to post. Please do read through our forums, and join in on the conversation if and when you want to. We have an incredibly thoughtful community of people who are here to listen, or to provide info/support,  if thats what you need.
    And as efreeman pointed out, you've got that confidence! You can do this!
    Take care
  5. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    08 Mar
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    Hi deb13,

    Welcome to our little community & a big congrats on being 1 Month Smoke Free! Way to go! Glad you checked out this site, it is definitely helpful & a great support in quitting & staying smoke free. I found members/coaches comments to be full of encouragement & support! Your Cheerleaders! I joined the site after being smoke free for 2 months for the extra support to keep me quit! 😀

  6. butterflyna
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    15 Feb 2018
    09 Mar
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    Hi deb13,

    Congratulations on your one month + smoke free. That is awesome! We are all happy you are here too! Trust me, if you need anything, support, honesty, advice or  shared experiences, you will definitely find it here. I was amazed at how supportive all the people are. The ones quitting and the quit coaches. Fantastic group of people.
    How are you quitting deb? Any NRT's or cold turkey? Let us know so the appropriate people can give you their experiences and can listen to yours too. So glad you are here. Welcome!

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