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I did it!

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  1. tiny2018
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    23 Mar 2019
    25 Mar
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    I had a false start yesterday after starting on the patch but after a few hours I slipped and had a smoke. I hadn't quite figure out that it isn't just quitting the cigarettes but a total lifestyle change with going about and living each of my days different as becoming a non smoker is a new lifestyle and a new life. I started again this morning and was armed with ideas and help from the posts here as well as to help find the NRT that will help me being combination NRT researching which one will work for me and a total change things up morning and a routine that is very new to me but one that didn't include smoking. walking my head was high and let my mind do free thinking and enjoying being outside without a smoke and ate lunch that never usually had as was too busy smoking. had a lay down but not quite a nap as didn't sleep but a bit of a mind relaxation in bed this afternoon and am now sitting and my day is moving on to being finished and I have remained smoke free all day today. DAY 1. wasn't thinking about this but I decided that as a reward for my first day smoke free I am going to sit and go onto VOD on my TV and rent a movie that have been looking at wanting to watch for a while and just enjoy my evening and enjoying my first day smoke free.
  2. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    25 Mar
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    Hi tiny2018,

    You are right.  Quitting smoking does involve changing your routines, as well as your way of looking at things.  I like your spirit.  And good on you for rewarding yourself with a movie you wanted to see.  I never thought I would reward myself either when I quit but then I realized, why not?  It's a good idea to reinforce your decision to quit by doing nice things for yourself.  

    Keep going strong, tiny2018.  You can do this.
  3. butterflyna
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    15 Feb 2018
    26 Mar
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    Hi Tiny2018,

    That is so absolutely awesome!!! I made it through too!! Everything you did was so great! Yes! It is a whole new life that we need to get used to. I had a difficult time with that in the beginning as well. You will hear others on here talking about the same thing (treepeo above). They all helped me so much!! I am so proud of you! You got this, One day at a time. I can relate to the lunch thing too. Mindfulness is great. Just living in the moment and enjoying nature ... beautiful! <3 Personally, I nap a fair bit. My health not really that good right now, but I know I won't smoke when I'm in the bedroom or when I am asleep. That's just a given! lol  It has helped me get through some difficult days.
    A heads up to you if you have any unusual dreams while on the patch. That is normal. I woke up this morning at 5:30am from a vivid dream. Stayed up a couple of hours (it was a really weird one) but then back to sleep after a small snack and slept right through. Some people suggest taking the patch off at night when you sleep. That is a decision you have to make for yourself. I personally don't take mine off at night. I have found the wild dreams leave after a few days on the patch. I also don't want to take the risk cuz the mornings are the most difficult for me not smoking. If I wake up without the patch on I figure for me, it would be too risky. That's just me. That decision is up to you. Trust yourself! ... and check out what others have shared on this. We can learn from others' mistakes as well as our own. That's what I love about this site. No one is perfect and we all accept that. Have you found that on here yet???
    You keep up the fabulous work! ODAAT! So glad you are hear! <3

3 posts, 0 answered