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Here I go again!

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  1. slay the dragon
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    15 Sep 2020
    4 days and 4 hours ago
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    Well I have successfully quit smoking in the past only to fall off the healthy choice after up to 11 months smoke free.  In each case I have learned a little more about what works fro me and why I fell off. Yesterday I started the process again and really want to make this  one be the last.
  2. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    4 days and 1 hour ago
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    Hi dragon

    I wish you the best this time! You are doin it! Maybe this time you may be more prepare for those moments when they come!

    You are not alone! One day at the time, Never give up!
  3. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    3 days and 6 hours ago
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    Hello slay the dragon (great username!),

    The beauty of multiple quit attempts is that you are ALWAYS learning something about going smoke-free: what doesn't work for you, what does work for you, what you would do differently in future attempts, etc.

    Congrats on making the decision to give it another go - never quit quitting! 

    All the best & take care,
  4. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    2 days and 20 hours ago
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    Hi Slay the Dragon,

    I'm sure you have gained a lot of knowledge from your past attempts, and that will do you well in the present.

    The beauty of quitting, is that you only have to do it once!

4 posts, 0 answered