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  1. lolasmom
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    10 Feb 2024
    21 Feb
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    Thank you for accepting me.
    I have not smoked a cig since December 17/23
    I was very sick with RSV and was admitted into the hospital Dec 17/23   I could hardly breath, and was put on oxygen and several medications.
    The hospital immediately slapped a patch on me and that was that.
    I am at day 66.  Its been tough but i am now using 7 mg patches.

    Through out this whole time,  I have had some pretty nasty sweats mostly throughout the day.  Also some numb/tingley hands and feet .. The numb hands and feet are slightly better but this darn sweats are very annoying. 
      I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.   I have had many other nasty effects but seem to be able t deal with them.     I - have tried to read as much as i can trying to understand  Some sites will mention sweats but more so through the night , and a couple do mention the hands and feet numbness /tingley but no other  information.    Just trying to figure if these symptoms are from the patch or from still trying to wean off the nicotine 

    Appreciate anyones experience

    Thank you

  2. jb63
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    28 Feb 2022
    22 Feb
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    Congrats on quitting smoking.  
    I don’t remember having any sweats. I do remember not feeling myself for the first few months. Things will get better every day. 
    I did use this forum a lot. It really helped me reading others posts and posting myself 
    Best of luck
2 posts, 0 answered