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  1. ivyness
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    13 Mar 2024
    12 Mar
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    Hi there

    I'm 16 days into my quit. Previously,  I'd quit for 15 yrs but picked it up again for about 4 yrs until 16 days ago.  So far so good. 

    For this quit, I was on a very busy 5 day work trip and used that as a kicking off point to quit .....with the help of some nicorette.  Most days I'm good and don't need the nicorette but every so often, I need it. 

    My motivation:  back to back pneumonia and puffers for the first time in my life.  2 rounds of antibiotics.  My breathing was bad and I developed what I call smokers cough. The last year or so has been high stress and I smoked waaaaaaay too much. 

    Anyway. It's good to be here. I hope I'm successful. I did this 3 months ago and only made it 2 weeks. So here I am again.  

    I guess that's it. 

    Tx, all
  2. emily, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    13 Mar
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    Good morning Ivyness, 

    Welcome to Smokers' Helpline online and congratulations on starting your quit! It's so nice to have you here with us. 

    You have some great experience with quitting! That combined with your quit plan and motivation will surely contribute to your success. 

    Please read through the posts and post as often as your comfortable. We'll all be here for you and look forward to reading about your journey. 

    All the best,
2 posts, 0 answered