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Am nervous, Quit date tomorrow

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  1. tiny2018
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    23 Mar 2019
    23 Mar
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    I am new here but I have tried to quit without support and I keep going back to smoking. I have 2 serious health issues that aren't curable but smoking will definitely make it worse for me. I have been thinking about quitting for a week or so and know I need to but guess am scared cause every time I try I always go back to smoking. usually it is stress or just being alone. both my parents have passed away and am living in the city as have always but now I am alone with no family here so is kind of lonely. I do as much as I can but going out I have to use a wheelchair to go around so am unsure of how to incorporate excersise and fitness into my quit plan. if anyone has ideas that would be awesome. my quit date is tomorrow and am feeling quite determined that this time with the smokers helpline support I will be able to stay smoke free. I decided to use the patch and am hoping it will help with the cravings. am looking forward to tomorrow but a bit nervous at the same time.
  2. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    23 Mar in reply to tiny2018
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    Hi tiny2018,

    Welcome to our little community! Quitting is big time hard & many of us relapse, trying to kick the nicotine addiction. You certainly aren’t alone in the relapse department, so be gentle with yourself & congrats to not giving up!
  3. linda, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    23 Mar
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    Hi Tiny2018,
    Welcome and congratulations for taking this important decision to quit smoking. Today, you have made a decision that will bring positive changes in your life. You are doing something remarkable...Something that is very important for your health and wellbeing – That's wonderful! We are so happy to have you here with us! 

    We all know that quitting smoking is not easy and it can take a lot of trial and errors. It’s a big lifestyle change and it’s normal to be a little bit nervous. Your daily habits and routine can be upside down and sometimes, the cravings can be tough to handle. But, know that you are not alone in your quit journey, we are all here for you.  

    Tiny2018, you seem well-prepared and motivated. You have set a quit date for tomorrow and you also have a tool, the patch - It’s awesome! With your determination and your positive mindset, we believe that you can succeed! 

    People find helpful to have different distractions or something to do just to break the habits and routine when you quit smoking. Have you planned to do something different tomorrow?
    Some of the ideas for the cravings can be the following: drink some water, practice deep breathing, relaxation or meditation, talk to someone, start a new hobby or keep your hands busy with something: play on your phone, play games, play with a straw or a stress ball; brush your teeth; read a book; listen to music; watch a good movie; do a crossword puzzle or Sudoku; text a friend; do some cleaning, draw or paint something or any activity that you enjoy and can take your mind off smoking for a few minutes. 

    Cravings can start at any time. When you think about smoking or want a cigarette, do everything you can to get out of that situation and go somewhere else or do something else. They don’t last as long as most people think they do. You can take control of your cravings. You can do it! 

    If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 1-877-513-5333 and we will be happy to help you.
    Take care  
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  4. butterflyna
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    15 Feb 2018
    25 Mar
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    Hi Tiny2018,

    Boy oh boy can I relate to your post. How are you doing? I am on my first day today (March 25th) which is definitely NOT my first time trying to quit. I made it 11 days on March 1st but relapsed when I acquired vertigo and didn't know why? That scared me. I took the patch off and ending up smoking again. Had to see my doctor and am now on meds for it. Had to set another quit date cuz my health does not allow for me to smoke anymore. I almost died in January cuz I woke up and couldn't get my breath. Scared me straight. I need to quit smoking and will never give up trying to quit.  Both my parents passed away in 2010. I am alone with one brother who I am estranged from.  I am basically learning how to be alone for the first time in my life. I think it is good for me. I have run from abusive relationships all my life, never wanting to be alone, It was to scary for me. I believe learning to be alone is a challenge and a strength when you can be. I live in a Seniors bldg and many here are in wheelchairs and the like. It must be difficult for you. I know here they have exercises that everyone does from chairs. It can be really inspiring and motivating. I hope maybe you can find an exercise place to be able to do that. The local resources thread is very helpful!  I am doing my best as I believe we all are doing. I am so proud and inspired by all the smoke free time here and everyone is so supportive! They really are all awesome, from the regulars who have days, months and even years smoke free, to the wonderful Quit Coaches. They call me often (QC) to talk on the phone and help me so much!!! You are in excellent company with everyone here! 
    I have clinical depression and anxiety. I understand your nervousness. My anxiety has been so full blown sometimes when I have been trying to quit! It's actually a tad comical when I look back at it. That's just me though. I can turn a mole into a mountain in seconds! lol  Just know we can only do our best. That is good enough, for us and for you. Don't sweat it. I did and now know I can only do one day at a time. It IS good enough. Just take it One Day At A Time (ODAAT) and the motto I love is ... Not One Puff Ever (NOPE). It's growing on me :)
    The patch is what I am using. I also got the mist, gum and lozenges from a local quit smoking group. Try the thread on local supports. If you need them they are out there for you! We are sorta quit date twins in a way. I hope all is going well for you and please let us know how you are doing when you can. We all need each other.

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