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Depending on Nic Gum?

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  1. grannef
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    11 Sep 2019
    07 Oct 2019
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    I haven't smoked for 2 months now, but find I'm still thinking often about how comforting a cigarette would be, particularly when my husband gets really grouchy. For years he bugged me about smoking, but now that I've quit it's like he hasn't even noticed! Now I'm off in the weeds ...

    My concern is that whenever I'm stressed or think about smoking I grab some 2 mg gum. That's only 2 - 3 times a day, but I'm afraid I'm now becoming dependent on the gum!
    I considered a patch, but the sample gum and patch that they sent was the 4 mg. which I think will be too strong. A number years ago I tried a 2 mg patch and had really weird frightening dreams and woke up sweating. Decided that wasn't for me. Any advice on not becoming dependent on the gum?

  2. justfortoday
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    12 Aug 2019
    07 Oct 2019 in reply to grannef
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    Hi again grannef :)

    I understand your hesitancy with using, and perhaps becoming dependent on NRT to help you quit. I tried the patch several years ago as well, and the dreams were insanity. This time, I tried to go cold turkey as I didn't want the dreams, nor did I want to become dependent. I only lasted five days and I must tell you, the feelings I had were overwhelming.

    I spoke to both my family doctor as well as my neighbourhood pharmacist and here's what we decided.

    I am using the patch to allow me to deal with my emotional dependency on smoking. I take it off about 1/2 hour before bed and replace a new one in the morning. I'm not sure what your smoking habit were (don't you love that we get to say "were"!), but I never woke in the night to have a cigarette, and therefore sleeping with the patch wasn't necessary. And I have not had any crazy dreams this time around.

    I'm getting more comfortable with my quit and plan to start the process of getting off the patch. But for me, NOT smoking is my only motive right now. And if I can deal with that, I can deal with eventually removing the patch permanently.

    One other thing I would suggest is finding some additional "emotional" support as you have mentioned a few times you are not getting this from your husband. My husband has been my cheerleader and there is nothing he won't do to support me. But please know that even with his support, quitting is something I'm doing for me. Perhaps there is a support group you can join (live vs. online), or maybe a close friend??

    Hopefully, one of the coaches will respond to your post and offer you some additional advice

    We all have different methods, and I say, whatever works for you, do it!

  3. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    08 Oct 2019 in reply to grannef
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    Congrats on 2 months smoke-free. 

    I quit nine months ago, and i still get the odd times where I think about having a smoke. One thing I noticed is that the cravings went from a strong physical to an all encompassing mental to more of a passing fancy. So it is normal to have those cravings. 

    Gums/lozenges/mist are aids, and they do still contain nicotine, although at lower doses. Even if they didn't you can still become reliant on the soothing comfort they bring. 

    Why not try chewing regular gum when a craving takes hold. Maybe you'll find you can get by. 

    If you are concerned try to call Smokers Helpline - 1 877 513-5333. They have some great people that can help. 
  4. emily, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    08 Oct 2019
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    Hi Grannef, 

    First of all, congratulations on being 2 months smoke free!! That's an amazing accomplishment. 

    I'm unsure of how much you smoked before quitting, but using the 2mg gum 2-3 times a day appears to be pretty minimal. It doesn't seem that you are overusing it in any way. 

    I can understand you're not wanting to become dependent on the nicotine replacements so as Just for Today had mentioned, it can be important to have some other strategies in place. If you know that when your husband is grouchy that triggers cravings, are there other ways to cope with this? Maybe getting out of the house for a bit? Visit a friend or family member? Go for a walk? Or as Atp had mentioned, starting to transition from NRT gum to regular chewing gum?

    In the end, I would say, don't be afraid to use the gum if you are needing it. After all that is what it is there for and it's much better to use it than to turn to smoking. However, having some strategies to help during difficult situations, and to use in the long run is important as well. 

  5. grannef
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    11 Sep 2019
    08 Oct 2019 in reply to emily, quit coach
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    Thank-you Emily. I will try regular gum and see how that works.  I see my GP tomorrow .. he wants to see me monthly but he's had to cut his schedule back due to an accident. He's very supportive.  I really need to talk to him about sudden weight gain. I'm not really eating differently, but my mid section feels really bloated and the scales say I've gained over 10 lbs in one week!!
    That's pretty unnerving as I've never really had a weight problem and need to get this under control fast. Thx again.
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