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Dealing with Cravings from two

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  1. jcadair
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    02 Jan 2021
    02 Jan 2021
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    So I've been trying to quit smoking the last few months by using the vape method the way it was intended to be used (no cigarettes, use less nicotine each time you buy the juice, get to 0 and then work on letting go of the vape itself). I even managed to go about 20 hours without a cigarette (or there abouts,) Issue, I found myself snapping at my husband unnecessarily. Now I know this is normal, however I felt so guilty I started smoking again because of it. (If that makes any sense) Now that the holidays are over, I want to try and quit again. The second issue is my husband also smokes so we are enabling each other to keep smoking, whether it be one of us has an F-It day and buys a pack, or leaves it sitting on the table. 

         Now I am not working so that's not helping things. The other issue is I do have a hobby I spend A LOT of time on, but I will find if I get frustrated if something isn't working out, or I'm stuck creatively speaking that's when I'm all screw it go for a smoke in a way my hobby that keeps my hands busy is also my trigger, if that makes any sense. On my smoke break I think about what it is that's going wrong, why etc and sometimes come up with a solution. 

    1. Any suggestions on how a couple can quit together without killing and/or enabling each other? (Figuratively not literally)
    2. How do you change your hobby that can be a trigger into that healthy distraction?
    We want to have kids but I also want to make sure we're both smoke free through out for some obvious reasons and others not as obvious. 
    Any helpful tips would be great, 


    JC Adair

  2. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    03 Jan 2021
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    Hi jcdair, 

    Sorry to hear about your struggles in trying to quit smoking! I tried the e-cigarettes like you but it wasn’t for me & short lived, plus I wasn’t to serious about quitting smoking at the time. When I decided to give quitting a serious attempt I used champix, did the homework on this site & had a couple good support people to lean on, one being my husband who didn’t smoke. I would suggest connecting with the smokers helpline & talk to a quit coach plus do the homework on this site, this might be helpful for you. 
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