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Six Years Later

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  1. eagerquit
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    07 Mar 2018
    24 Mar
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    It is now just over six years since I last touched a cigarette with the help of the Smoker's Helpline forums for which I will always be grateful. I am enjoying life as a non smoker to say the least, free of the ball and chain that held me down for so many decades. Back then it led up to a serious quadruple heart bypass surgery. I used to smell like an ashtray from head to foot with my body and all my clothes stinking of tobacco. My home had a tobacco smell throughout. When visiting others I had to stand out in the freezing cold to shiver my way though a smoke. I now enjoy the company of other free people who always give off a clean fresh scent. Walking along the street when I smell a smoker anymore I thank goodness it is not me.. In the early period of my quit the passage of time was oh so very slow with each day a long one but I persisted in not picking up. Then the weeks started passing faster and faster until I stopped thinking about smoking at all. Six years have passed and it is now a distant memory that I am very grateful to have well behind me. Thank you so much SHO!
  2. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    28 Mar in reply to eagerquit
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    Hi eagerquit - thanks for continuing to inspire and help other on this forum.  We quit about the same time (6+ years ago) and our journeys share many common elements and reflections.  I am hugely grateful to not smoke when I travel - the stress of airports and not being able to smoke were too much!  I returned last week from a European vacation, where smoking is still quite prevalent at restaurants and stadiums.  It bothers me to be that close to smokers, and not because of the temptation, but rather that I honestly can't stand the smell and choking feeling anymore.  Quitting wasn't easy, but that only makes the success so much sweeter. 
2 posts, 0 answered