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Five Months and Counting!

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  1. eagerquit
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    07 Mar 2018
    07 Aug 2018
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    Good Morning All!

    I am happy to say I have now enjoyed five months smoke free (153 days). Cigarettes not smoked were 5,049 and I saved 38 days 13 hours and 39 minutes of life.

    There was just one challenging craving this month to remind me of where I was back in March and I learned from this experience. It is easier to grab a handy NRT lozenge from the drawer than to head out to a store. The result was that the craving passed without incident. The last time I quit for five months I did not have the NRT and that got me back on the treadmill of addiction.

    This month my reward for being a non smoker was a gym membership and I faithfully go there three days a week for two hours each time, leaving with a feeling of invigorating accomplishment. It reinforces my desire to continue smoke free and five months ago I would not have had the stamina for this.

    My avatar this month is my Rose of Sharon bush in the back yard, twenty feet tall with branches that reach out five feet. It is covered in fragrant pink flowers.

    Thanks to the SHO and all the helpful posts I am enjoying my day to day life as a non smoker. I appreciate all the support.

  2. lillian, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    07 Aug 2018 in reply to eagerquit
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    Hi eagerquit,

    5 months is fantastic, those stats are super impressive eagerquit,congratulations!

    You are doing so many wonderful things for your body by not smoking and instead heading to a gym. Wow eagerquit, really wow! It must feel so good to be taking care of yourself like this. 

    I bet that just like your rose of Sharon, you are just blooming with health. 

    Keep us posted eagerquit! 6 months, just around that corner,

  3. treepeo
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    29 Nov 2017
    07 Aug 2018
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    Wow eagerquit, I can't believe it has been five months already.  You should be so proud of yourself!  I'm glad that you learned from your previous slip and now have NRTs at hand.  That is so smart.  And working out for two hours is amazing!  I applaud you for making such healthy changes in your life.
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