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day 4

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  1. dabee
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    30 Jan 2019
    11 Feb
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    Intried quitting a few times with no sucess. I was smoking a pack a day and had was just told by my Dr i had severe COPD. I made the decisison to quit using Champex.I have been on it 3 weeks wnd down to 4 cigarettes a day (after meals )  when my quit day came .I made it to day 4 without having a smoke. I am so happy I am learning new ways to overcome this horrible and expensive addiction,  I always had a tea and smoke for breakfast,, now I am using my time to eat a healthy breakfast.  After every meal i now drink cold water instead of having a cigarette. Whenever I feel I need smoke I keep my hands busy with a fidget spinner I purchased at the dollar store. During my working hours , when others go out for thier smoke I stay in and munch on carrot and celery sticks or have a hard candy. Deep breathing is also another tool I use as a distraction.   Hope everyone has great and smokefree day.
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  2. nadia, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    11 Feb in reply to dabee
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    Congratulations on your Day 4 and thank you for sharing your experience!
    It sounds like you are making lots of change with your routine and finding ways to respond to cravings. I really like how you have broken the associations with cigarettes with events throughout the day (meals, breakfast, work hours).
    These great tips that you have shared are a great way to have lasting success... and I am sure they will inspire someone else!

    Keep it up and keep sharing!

    Cheers to you!
  3. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    11 Feb in reply to dabee
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    When I quit I actually found breaking the 'habit' of smoking the hardest. Not knowing how 'not to smoke' literally was problem the first week. just too much routine to just shake off. I too started off making a decent breakfast, and drinking lots more water. Never thought of fidget spinners - what a great idea. 

    Best of luck on your quit. 
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