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After the quit....questions for the not squeamish about phlegm

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  1. totalquitterlol
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    27 Jun 2019
    27 Jun 2019
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    I have an icky question about getting back to health after quitting. 

    First it may help to know I smoked pack day for 40 years, filtered.  As of June 24 I am 9 weeks free (did sneak in 1 cigarette on 2 separate occasions in those weeks) I am also using a vape stick with nicotine. 

    So with the background in mind and the current use of vaping my question is why am I NOT coughing up ANY phlegm? Shouldn't I be?  Is the vaping stopping me from clearing my lungs of all that garbage or is it simply too soon (9wks vs 40 yrs) to expect the cilia hairs to start working again?? 
  2. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    28 Jun 2019 in reply to totalquitterlol
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    Hi totalquitter.  Nearly 10 weeks quit - awesome!

    I never experienced coughing up phlegm either - and I can't say I really feel left out!

    Everyone's quit is different, that's what makes it difficult but also unique.  Maybe your phlegm is going the other direction!

    Rest assured that your body is healing.
  3. elke, quit coach
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    14 Jun 2019
    28 Jun 2019
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    Hi totalquitterlol!

    Congratulations on having quit smoking cigarettes  for over 9 weeks! Like efreeman75 said, everyone’s quit is unique, so don’t worry about not coughing up phlegm.

    You could use NRT to help you cut down further since vaping, although known to be safer, is not without harm. 

    Wishing you all the best! 

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  4. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    28 Jun 2019
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    hi totalquitterlol,

    To add to the above posts, cilia take time to heal, which is why we actually cough up the phlegm, because our bodies have to use that force, rather than rely on the cilia, to push the foreign substances such as the tar up and out.

    Elke an efreeman75 also mentioned that everyone is different, which is true as well...

    In regards to the vape, we don't know enough about it to know the impact it is having on your lungs, or if it is the reason that your lungs may not be clearing... this is a great question for a health care provider such as a doctor or pharmacist. Elke also mentioned that there are other quit aids out there such as the NRT inhaler, lozenge, spray and gum that have no harm. Just posting some options for you here so you can make a decision about what is going to work best for you.

    All the best and a huge congrats on your quit!

    Jenna Lee
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