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Patch- when will it get better?

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  1. tryingsohard76
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    27 Dec 2021
    27 Dec 2021
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    I have now quit for 6 weeks using the Patch. I have had 2 cigarettes during this period, but regretted them both and keep trying to chug along. I have a history of anxiety and depression (on medication). Since starting the Patch I have barely slept. I have such vivid dreams that even if I fall asleep I wake up in such bad panic. I have anxiety all day and miss smoking so much. At the same time I feel so proud of myself for finally doing this. I convinced myself that I should start smoking again this morning. That I can't go through the Depression road again. I had a cigarette...yes I did. I immediately regretted it and went online looking for help. Here I am. Desperate to hear that the anxiety and cravings will go away. 
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  2. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    28 Dec 2021 in reply to tryingsohard76
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    Hi tryingsohard76,

    I never used the patch.  I quit cold turkey.  But I have heard from others that you can get really vivid dreams when using the patch.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything you can do about that.  However, it might get better when you switch to a lower dosage.

    I can tell that you are really determined to quit for good.  I know you have had the odd slip, but you always regretted it and continued your fight to remain smoke free.  You are very courageous and brave, because on top of everything else, you struggle with mental health issues.  I applaud you for fighting against this horrible addiction.

    Keep up the good work.  I know it's hard, but trust me, it will get easier over time.  You are doing an amazing job.  You should be really proud of yourself and how far you have come.  Make sure you give yourself little rewards along the way.  Positive reinforcement helps.  And keep believing in yourself.  You can do this!  And you are so worth the effort.

  3. mari_m
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    03 Jan 2019
    30 Dec 2021
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    Good for you tryingsohard76,

    I agree with Treepeo that you should be very proud of your accomplishment, good for you! I did use the patch when I quit, and I was having trouble with crazy dreams, and not much sleep so I called into the helpline for advice and they suggested not wearing it overnight. It worked for me! I put a new one on each morning about one hour before getting up, and that was much better. I am so glad that there is so much help available, all we need to do is reach out and ask. And people on this site are also very good listeners! -mm
  4. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    31 Dec 2021
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.  While everyone's experience is unique and different, there is a lot of advice and encouragement to be had here.

    I did not use the patch, but did also experience vivid dreams and long bouts of sleeplessness.  I also have a history of anxiety, that was heightened when not calmed with nicotine.  Your efforts and resulting success is courageous.  You should be very proud!

    Personally speaking, the answer to your question of when the anxiety and cravings go away, is when you break the nicotine addiction.  Then you will realize the true nature of the addiction and how  blessed life is when we are free of it.  See you there soon my friend!

  5. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    01 Jan 2022 in reply to tryingsohard76
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    Hi tryingsohard, 

    Welcome & way to go in forging a head with your desire to be smoke free! Despite your slips, you appear to be committed in wanting to quit, good for you! Quitting is hard work but so worth it. The health benefits we reap are huge.

    Sleep, anxiety & depression issues will usually pass once we get through the withdrawals. Many of us have struggled just like you in getting through the withdrawals. Slips/relapses happen too! I myself had several relapses. So don’t be so hard on yourself, quitting is hard work & you are doing it! Keep going, you got this!
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  6. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    04 Jan 2022
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    Hi tryingsohard76.

    Ive quit using the patches too and can concur about the dreams. They seem so real.... I used Champix before and the dreams were scary so Im not going that route again. I think the anxiety is linked to the cravings and withdrawal you are experiencing and its no joke battling to get through them. But what Im finding is the further Im getting into the quit... the less often the cravings are hitting. When they do its tough cos they are strong but you have to distract yourself... eat some chocolate, go for a walk, drink water... anything... and they pass. I have one of those nicorette mist inhalers too and find that that helps. I was using it loads at the start over the first week but now I dont like the taste of it so only use it if I have to (ie: a massive craving attack).

    There have been a few times that I was thinking... ah ill just have the one... but I know from past quit attempts that thats a very slippery route to take and each time I slipped I ended up being a pack a day habit again and feeling disgusted with myself for falling. So this time I determinded to stay strong and not give in... Anxiety and panic attacks are horrible. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about that and maybe adjust medications to help?

    Keep on trying. Im hearing as the weeks pass by, the cravings get less intense and teh anxiety will no doubt get less intense as well. It is a challenge but think of all the good things that no smoking will bring. Im shocked with the money Im saving. 
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