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Day 4 crumbling

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  1. stormytootsie2020
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    24 Oct 2020
    26 Oct 2020
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    I have been doing good with quiting smoking and today is such a difficult day from the time i woke up i could feel it i just wanted to give up. Today is the anniversary of my dad passing away. only been 5 years ago today and is hitting me harder today than it has any other year. I got up and just felt whats the point. I feel so weak today. But this morning i still when i got up after this Whats the Point time i got myself into the shower and got cleaned up and was able to put a new patch on. Before i jumped into the shower i decided to use a nicotine losenge to see maybe would help with the craving even though it may have been an emotional craving and got myself into routine set up for my mornings. Again sitting here and am watching tv after got myself busy and cleaned my guinea pig cage and was talking to them and got them set for the day am experiencing the same kind of time, Whats the point and thinking why do i want to keep doing this. Its really hard to explain exactly how it feels and thinking that goes along with it but that is how it kind of goes. Whats the point why keep not smoking/vaping. It seems to be coming reoccuring and am worried that as it goes throughout the day i am going to fall and start to vape again. Does anyone have any help or ideas that may help so can try and get through this tough day?
  2. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    26 Oct 2020 in reply to stormytootsie2020
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    Hi stormytootsie,

    You say it's hard to explain, but you don't have to - we've all been there and feeling like you do.  No doubt, breaking the addiction is difficult as your body and mind scream for another fix.  Your mind tries to play tricks on you and you begin to rationalize.  This is the cycle that must be broken.  Stay strong.  Do something different.  Keep yourself occupied.  Mix things up a little!  If able, get outside and notice how you're already breathing better.  I also found breathing exercises really helped me get over each craving by passing the time and keeping my mind occupied on something else.  And that's all you have to do - get over each craving as they come.  And soon, the cravings will be further and further apart and a little less intense.

    You are strong - you can do this!

  3. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    27 Oct 2020
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    Hi stormytootsie,

    I think we can all relate to how you are feeling.  This is an addiction, and it will do anything it can to get you back on board.  Don't give in!  YOU are important.  Your health is important.  And each day you remain smoke free will bring you that much closer to your goal.

    If you haven't already done so, make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking, and refer to it often.  And think of your Dad.  He would be really happy and proud to know that you quit smoking.  It is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself.

    Hang in there, stormytootsie.  You can do this.  Believe in yourself!  You are worth it!
3 posts, 1 answered