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73 days in and reallly having major cravings

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  1. want2livelong
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    22 Feb 2020
    03 May 2020
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    Hi all,
    Well, I am over 2 months without smoking and for whatever reason, over the last few days I have REAAAAALLY been craving smoking. I know it is so silly that I should have this kind of craving after being able to stay away from cigarettes for this many days. It almost feels like it is day 1 again. What could be going on? It has really taken a LOT of strength to not cave in.  My partner smokes and I know I could easily sneak one of his, but I have told myself that I would be more disappointed in myself than anyone else would be... so this has kept me sane. But I really need some encouragement today. I know all of my reasons for wanting to quit. I know all of the reasons I don't want to start up again. I know about distractions. I know I know I know.... but darn it all, those cravings are brutal. Any ideas or anyone experience this?

  2. atp
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    31 Dec 2018
    04 May 2020 in reply to want2livelong
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    A lot of us who quit experience these craving periods -the rule of the 3's - 3rd day, 3rd week, 3rd month. 

    You are into your 3rd month of your quit and this is kind of the last great kick at the can for your old habit. 

    I had a few good waves around the same time as you and had to fight through them, then poof - the cravings died off and I felt kind of freer. You are basically clean of the smoking effects now. You body is shutting down all the old receptors that used to get all excited every time you got your nicotine fix and a few of those are waking up and trying to fight you. You got this though - just bear down and think about how much more time and energy you have. 

    Months 4-12 are on your horizon - that is where you adjust to being a non-smoker and you pass through all those minor triggers. I went through a lot of minor triggers such as first nice day out on the lake fishing. Not a craving, just felt like I was missing smoking. 
  3. brieffree
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    28 Nov 2017
    14 May 2020
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    Dear want2livelong

    Hang in there, all will pass as soon you apply all you have learn till now!
    Brief deeply, walk around, drink water, etc....
    Whatever you do, must be regarding to you, and relaxing!

    All the best, I know you can do this!

    One battle at the time!! Never give up 
  4. cheryl quit coach
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    18 Mar 2020
    17 May 2020 in reply to want2livelong
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    Hello want2livelong,

    I have to say congratulations for continuing to be smoke free for 2 months! That is awesome!

    You have asked "why now with the cravings" I am wondering when you did smoke, did you like it? and when stressful events happen was smoking something that comfort you?

    Maybe there has been more stress in your life and you want to feel better so you are now having cravings. It is great that you did not reach for your partners cigarettes. You are very strong to resist that urge. That is great! Hang in there and take care of yourself.

    Here are some suggestions to remind yourself during this difficult time:

    Make a list of the reasons why you quit smoking. Carry it around with you and review that list each time you have a craving. List all the positives that have come and will come from quitting. When you have an urge read this list.

    I hope this is helpful. Looking forward to your update!

  5. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    19 May 2020
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    Hi want2livelong,

    You should be super proud of yourself for quitting, especially since your partner still smokes.  I know just how difficult it is to do that, so good for you!  You are strong, courageous and determined, and you have what it takes to go all the way.

    I remember getting attacks of cravings months after I quit.  This horrible addiction just doesn't want to let go.  But the more you resist, the fewer cravings you will have.  And the cravings will become shorter and shorter, and less powerful.

    Meanwhile, I hope you are giving yourself little rewards for being smoke free for so long.  I used to treat myself to a new computer game, or get some of my favourite take out foods so I didn't have to cook.  And I always mentally told myself that this was my reward for not smoking.  Positive reinforcement really does help!

    I am thrilled for you and the progress you have made, want2livelong!  Keep rocking your quit, and live by NOPE (Not One Puff Ever).
  6. cozy1973
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    05 Jan 2020
    04 Jun 2021 in reply to want2livelong
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    This reply comes a year later but I would like to say something about having cravings after 2 months.
    I have quit in the past for 5 years and 3 months. It was one of the best experiences in my life. And I learned a lot from it. Yes, unfortunately, I went back to smoking and now I am on my 7th day nicotine free. But I learned that like every addiction, there are triggers that cause relapses in the process of quitting smoking. 
    After 3 weeks, the physical nicotine addiction is almost under control. For some people it disappears and they never look back. For some, the addiction lingers and takes longer to have the cravings under control. 
    So, in the short run (the first 3 weeks more or less) it is the physical craving that we mainly have to deal with. In the long run, it is the psychological addiction that we have to deal with. And every time you get a craving that seems overwhelming, ask yourself why do you have this psychological craving now. Some event in your life has triggered it. Smoking, like every other addiction, does not solve the problem that was the trigger. It makes your life worse because now you added many negative consequences to that event; health, finance, social life,    
  7. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    09 Feb 2022
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    65 days in and this last week Ive gotten attacked by a few vicious cravings/urges that almost made me cave. Its the curse of the 3rd month. Been here before and fell so this time I'll try hold on hoping that the worst of it will pass soon and the urges become weaker and last for shorter times. Its so hard to battle through it. NOPE and self talk help.
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