• What is a quitline?

    Talk Tobacco is a telephone-based tobacco cessation counselling service that helps commercial tobacco users quit. Quitlines are a proven intervention that greatly increase the chance that a smoker will quit. Every province and territory in Canada has a quitline as part of a commercial tobacco cessation strategy.

  • How does the Talk Tobacco phone service work?

    Call Talk Tobacco at 1 833 998-8255 (TALK) and a Quit Coach will help with creating a personalized quit plan, coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and finding available supports and resources in your area. All callers are offered self-help materials and scheduled follow-up calls from a Quit Coach to check in and provide consistent support along the way.

  • What is a Quit Coach?

    At Talk Tobacco, a Quit Coach is a Canadian Cancer Society staff member who is a tobacco cessation specialist and is experienced in providing counselling and support to First Nation, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous callers. A Quit Coach can help with:

    • Making a personalized quit plan
    • Dealing with cravings, withdrawal symptoms and stress
    • Finding community-based support services available in your area
    • Providing free self-help materials

    Quit Coaches are easy to connect with and non-judgmental. They help people who:

    • Do not want to quit
    • Are thinking about quitting
    • Are ready to quit
    • Have already quit and want help staying smoke-free
    • Want to help someone else quit
    • Are healthcare providers interested in the service
  • Who operates Talk Tobacco?

    Talk Tobacco is operated by the Canadian Cancer Society in partnership with Ontario Health’s Indigenous Cancer Care Unit. Talk Tobacco is funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s First Nations, Inuit and Métis Strategy Development and Practice Change Implementation Initiative. More information can be found here

    Talk Tobacco currently offers quitline services in Ontario. In 2021, services will also be offered in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We are currently meeting with First Nation, Inuit, Métis and urban Indigenous partners, community members and service providers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to learn how to meet the unique needs of the communities in those provinces.

  • Do quitlines work?

    Yes! Quitline support alone can double your chances of staying quit for good. Coupled with other supports, like nicotine-replacements or other medication, the chances of long-term success are even greater.

    Every province and territory in Canada has a quitline serving the general population. To locate your regional quitline, click here.

  • What Indigenous languages is the Talk Tobacco quitline offered in?

    Indigenous Languages
    Southern TutchoneInuktitut
    Cree-James BayMicmac
  • What about vaping?

    Talk Tobacco can respond to your questions about vaping.  You can also talk to your health care professional.
    Information on vaping can also be found here.