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Made it through Day 3

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  1. gizmo2021
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    01 Nov 2022
    23 May 2023
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    When I woke up Saturday for some reason inside I realized I wasnt really getting anything from the smoke. I looked at my cigarettes and I was like what the heck is this? I think 32 years later I finally took a good hard look at what I was actually doing. For so long a cigarette in my head even while doing it I saw myself that was in with eveyone I was so strong emotionally, I could handle things so good, and I was part of the building but for just a sec I checked out what it really was so that morning I put on the patch. Afterward I tried to move on with my day like nothing was different. I also downloaded some apps I like, puzzles on my cell phone. When am sitting there and am not doing anything so I start to shift or change positions or my feet I pick up my cell phone and start playing the games I downloaded, Its day 3 almost over but yesterday and today I have noticed that I am not really coughing and coughing anything up like my lungs clearing themselves out but when I start to talk I always cough just a little cough but what it does I think as when start talking I have so much phlem in my voice box and and trying to clear my throat move the phlem out of my throat and as I have a little movement there is more that comes up and my voice is so hoars and weird sounding cause I cant speak with all the phlem. Is this one of the withdrawl mly lungs arent coughing anything up but seems like I am drowing in phlem  in my throat. Today the cravings have been a bit worse meaning when I am having a craving today I am feeling more of a punch to it so I notice it right away and a bit of a struggle not smoking. 
  2. jb63
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    28 Feb 2022
    23 May 2023
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    Congrats on quitting smoking  
    Take it one day at a time and remember NOPE. Not one puff ever
    that helped me a lot and still does
  3. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    23 May 2023 in reply to gizmo2021
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    Hi Gizmo2021,

    Sounds like you have done some reflecting and have changed your way of thinking around your smoking. You recognize your cravings and have found some strategies that are working for you. That is great! 

    As your body adjusts to life without nicotine, withdrawal symptoms are common. Coughing up phlegm is normal and it's your body's way of clearing out the nicotine. Withdrawal does ease over time and it's temporary. 

    Cravings are also normal. Although they typically only last for a couple of minutes, they sure can feel like they are lasting much longer. Try to find something to keep your mind and your hands busy. Try one of the 4 D's: delay, distract, drink water or deep breathing. When it is a tough craving, review your reasons for quitting. Keep your eye on the prize! 

    Congratulations on day 3 of being smokefree!

3 posts, 0 answered