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  1. efreeman75
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    02 Apr 2018
    07 Jul 2019
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    As long as Ron and Don don't object, perhaps a "Coaches' Corner" could be set up in a separate forum thread to contain all of the coaches' comments and words of wisdom.  This would centrally locate such and allow the forums to be more conversational amongst members.

    I think this could be extremely valuable, and permit both coaches and members a somewhat reserved area to correspond.
  2. kate r, quit coach
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    16 Jan 2019
    07 Jul 2019 in reply to efreeman75
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    Thank you for the feedback, efreeman75! I can see how that setup might encourage more free dialogue between members, and contribute to a feeling of being community-based.

    I myself am uncertain of limitations, but I will be sure to pass the suggestion along to review.

    Kate R
2 posts, 0 answered