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Is it the Wrong Advice???

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  1. shannon1233
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    29 May 2021
    30 May 2021
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    My quit date is June 3rd, this coming Thurs. In telling family and friends who've been successful in NOPE, some have told me what helped was having an unopen pack at the ready. They say part of the panicked feeling was not having any at the ready "in case". This seems counter-intuitive to me but they say know it was there helped them a lot, just not to open the pack. Can I please get some input on this? Did any of you quit this way, was it helpful? I'm on my last few days, and wondering if I should have a " pack in case of" so there's less panic of running out late one night for example. TYVM
  2. emily, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    30 May 2021
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    Hi Shannon,

    Congratulations on setting your quit date! That is a big step in this journey. 

    I think you bring up an interesting point when you mention keeping cigarettes around after you quit. I know I've certainly spoken with people who have found this helpful. On the other hand, I've spoken with a lot of people who found this to be a trigger for them. 

    For myself, it was best not to have any cigarettes accessible to me. If they were there, I would have smoked them. Not having any around gave me time to think about why I was craving and what I could do instead of lighting up. 

    It's a different experience for each person and everyone has their own strategies that work them. 

    Look forward to reading more about your quit!

    All the best, 

  3. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    15 Dec 2021
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    I think having a pack at hand would just prove too tempting at the start of a quit and would just keep resetting the clock to day 1. Get rid of them. 
  4. mike o
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    10 Jun 2022
    13 Jun in reply to shannon1233
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    Hi Shannon,

    Dublin guy as usual is right as is Emily.

    my advice- smoke em- enjoy em- over smoke to get it out of your system so you feel a bit groggy then give packs hanging about.

    dont have the pack at your ready.
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