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  1. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    13 Feb 2020
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    Hello current and former quitters,

    We thought it may be helpful to have a post where everyone contributed with a tidbit on what helped them quit.

    If you were to give 1 piece of advice to anyone quitting, what is your best advice?
  2. breath20
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    21 Jan 2020
    25 Feb 2020 in reply to jenna lee, quit coach
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    Good idea for a post Jenna Lee. 
    Here is my tidbit. 
    Day 54 smoke free cold turkey .Yay! What has helped me stay strong is an outdoor cigarette disposal cup on my back deck. You know, the plastic cup thingy with the hole in the centre you put your butts in. Anyway I emptied it in the fall and it must have had 80 butts jammed in there mixed with rain water that had also baked in the sun for a few months. I took the lid off and the God awful stench almost make me puke! The contents came out in black, slimey gunks and the smell got worse towards the bottom. It really was one of the worst things I've ever smelled. Anyway, whenever I've had a craving since I quit, I think about that smell, think about that black gunk in my lungs and arteries and visualize taking a sip out of that cup. Craving disappears instantly! That's what has worked for me and will continue to work for me. Just wanted to share.
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  3. efram, quit coach
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    29 Nov 2017
    26 Feb 2020 in reply to breath20
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    That black, slimy gunk sounds awfully disgusting, doesn't it? And probably smelled even worse. 

    Congratulations on 54 days of NOT having that gunk in your lungs and arteries!

    Thanks for sharing, breath20!

  4. eli000
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    29 Oct 2020
    28 Oct 2020 in reply to jenna lee, quit coach
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    21 mg patches works miracles for me. Cigaret was my « best friend » since I was 13 years old (am now 28). In all the difficult times, I had my smoke to cheer me up. When I was bored, stressed, tired, happy, or anything, was a reason for me to smoke. In the morning first thing I thought of was coffee and smoke. Wakes up like a charm. But now, I wake up and I’m eager to put a patch on. I know it wakes me up just as much as a cigaret, but I feel 10 times better. I don’t even feel like smoking while on it. Good luck smokers, quitting is not impossible.
  5. spaghetti (formerly valleyman
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    08 Dec 2021
    10 Dec 2021
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    Hi I haven’t posted in awhile, my sister quit 13 days ago now and I told her she should join here. This is my best advice,there’s a ton support and help here.  Also if there’s another piece I could offer is change your routine ie: if you’re used to getting up and having that first coffee and cigarette, go for a walk instead, also reward yourself all the time. I’m sure you get the idea. 
    cheers and good luck 
    spaghetti (formerly valleyman) 

    my quit date was June 21 2008. 
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  6. jenna lee, quit coach
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    28 Jun 2018
    11 Dec 2021 in reply to spaghetti (formerly valleyman
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    hello spaghetti,

    Thanks for taking the time to contribute to this forum and share your wisdom. Your sister is very fortunate to have you for support and we appreciate the referral!

    Changing one's routine can really adjust those automatic smoking motions we do and can definitely make smoking more mindful if we have to find a way to fit it in elsewhere.

    Again, thanks for sharing, and congrats on being smoke-free for 13.5 years!

    Jenna Lee
  7. dublinguy
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    09 Dec 2021
    13 Dec 2021
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    Im only new in my quit (day 7 today) but I think good advice is to acknowledge and know the habits and be aware of them. My day used to start with an espresso and two cigarettes out the back. I avoided even having the espresso for the first couple of days but now i just have it in the kitchen. Then it was like my body was programmed to have a smoke on the hour every hour.... and id take a 10 minute break at work on the hour to go smoke.. sometimes 2 smokes. That now has been changed... no smoke and make a coffee in the work kitchen. 
    Ive found that I cant drink much alcohol anymore either... the two used go hand and hand. 

    Not sure if that is really advice but I agree with this forum being a great resource. Its lovely to read the stories and experiences of others.
  8. healthcare8055
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    26 Mar 2022
    26 Mar 2022
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    wanted to ask that will yoga help in quitting ciggaretes. 
  9. sarah, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    27 Mar 2022 in reply to healthcare8055
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    Hello healthcare8055 
    Welcome to the forum and thank you for the question.

    You want to know if yoga can help you quit cigarettes. Many people have used yoga as a technique to help them quit - as a distraction, as exercise, and to manage their breathing. All of these things can have a benefit in managing cravings and/or withdrawal symptoms.

    Have you been thinking about incorporating yoga into your quit plan? What do you most need from yoga to help you make change with your smoking?

  10. Val H
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    29 Nov 2017
    18 Oct 2022
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    When I quit I used this forum a lot and gradual weaning of net’s. I also made the decision that, no matter what, smoking was not an option. Whatever I faced I would just have to find a new and more productive way to deal with it. This didn’t come from any extraordinary strength in me. I had numerable attempts to quit and just became willing to face my weakness. I quit in March 2020 and, in spite of my recent momentary struggles, feel grateful that I succeeded. 
  11. mike o
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    10 Jun 2022
    02 Nov 2022 in reply to sarah, quit coach
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    Pilates is great  too
  12. jimydrmz
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    11 Nov 2022
    11 Jan 2023
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    I have been smoke free for two weeks now and I will never go back. I don’t care what it takes, I will never become a slave to those disgusting things again! I don’t mean to be disrespectful but, smoking is stupid! I keep telling myself this whenever I get a craving. Smoking is stupid , embarrassing and shameful! and I think I’m better than that!!! I will just put it down so hard that I could never pick it up again! 
  13. karen, quit coach
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    09 Nov 2022
    16 Jan 2023 in reply to jimydrmz
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    Congratulations on being smokefree for two weeks now, jimydrmz! Self-talk is a great strategy for getting through cravings. Sounds like you have some really strong reasons for staying quit. 
  14. gracchus
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    04 Jan 2023
    03 Feb 2023 in reply to jenna lee, quit coach
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    Hi , Im 25 days cig-free. I think the best advice I give myself is that the moment a craving comes along I tell myself "This is temporary, this not going to last" . And it never does. But reminding myself of this makes it bearable while I ride it out.
  15. chartippybum
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    21 Mar 2018
    26 Feb
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    One thing I remember doing when I was first quitting and having g cravings is that I would put on a good long song and just get lost in the music. The song was I would do anything for love by meatloaf so it was a longer song and I would ride out the craving by listening to that.

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