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Arsenic in Cigarettes

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  1. eagerquit
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    07 Mar 2018
    12 Mar 2018
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    Six days smoke free and counting. Not so many cravings today. I have now saved $75.33 not spent on cigarettes and ancillary expenses. I was curious as to how arsenic comes to be included in cigarettes and found out it is in the pesticides sprayed on tobacco plants by the farms. It is a cancer causing and poisonous substance. The following is from

    Inorganic arsenic is present in mainstream tobacco smoke and presumably in sidestream smoke as well.
    Depending on average particle size, inorganic arsenic has an estimated atmospheric lifetime of nine days.
    Indoor concentrations of inorganic arsenic can be much higher than outdoors and is a constituent of third hand smoke.
    According to a report from the California Air Resources Board and the Department of Health Services, smokers breathe in approximately 0.8 to 2.4 micrograms of inorganic arsenic per pack of 20 cigarettes, with approximately 40 percent of it being deposited in the respiratory tract.  Of that amount, 75-80 percent is absorbed by alveoli in the lungs, making the overall absorption of inhaled arsenic in cigarette smoke approximately 30 to 35 percent.

    Arsenic, along with a host of other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke exposes smokers (and non-smokers) who breathe in the secondhand smoke produced by a burning cigarette to cancer-causing agents and poisons.
    To date, researchers have identified more than 7,000 chemicals including 250 poisonous and 70 carcinogenic compounds in cigarette smoke.
  2. emily, quit coach
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    28 Nov 2017
    12 Mar 2018
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    Hi eagerquit,

    Congratulations on your quit! Good to hear the cravings haven't been too challenging today and all that money saved is nice to see too.

    Thank-you for sharing this information with us. Certainly is a good reminder/motivator to quit.

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