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A Cautionary Tale

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  1. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    15 Jun
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    I reconnected with someone I hadn't talked to for years the other day.  She told me she had quit smoking for 10 years.  Shortly after the pandemic started, she decided to give in and have a cigarette.  Well, you guessed it, she has now smoked  for over a year.  She is back to her old ways, smoking when she is happy, when she is sad, when she wants to take a break - well, you get the picture.  This nasty habit has gripped her with full force once again.

    I am relaying this story as a reminder that none of us can afford to get complacent with our quits.  You just never know when temptation will raise its ugly head, and you have to be prepared.  Keep the mantra NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) close to your heart.  If you never take that first puff, you will remain a non-smoker forever.  And keep coming here for some much needed support.  We are all stronger together.
  2. lesleyaf
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    23 Nov 2020
    16 Jun
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    Thank you for relaying this story to the forum, Treepeo1!.  I will definitely think of this story the next time I have an urge to light up!
  3. renee, quitcoach
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    16 Jul 2018
    16 Jun in reply to treepeo1
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    Thank you for the reminder.

    It has been around 24 years since I quit and I sometimes think it would be nice to smoke again but then I remind myself, how I promised myself I will never touch a cigarette again!

  4. treepeo1
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    06 Feb 2020
    17 Jun in reply to renee, quitcoach
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    Hey Renee,

    I think all of us get those thoughts from time to time.  It just goes to show that this is not just a physical addiction, but a mental one as well.  Smoking used to be an integral part of our lives and that is what we tend to remember no matter how long we have been non-smokers.

    Besides reminding myself of the hell I went through in order to quit, I also tell myself that if I ever reached for a cigarette now, it would burn my throat and make me dizzy.  And even though that initial cigarette would not be enjoyable, I would still reach for another and another.  That is the nature of the beast.

    How wonderful that you have 24 smoke free years under your belt.  We who have managed to quit are the lucky ones.  Quitting is truly a life changing experience and I wish that everyone could quit successfully.  With the warmer weather, I am passing more smokers on the street and the smoke from their cigarettes is now starting to bother me.  I wish I didn't have to deal with that.    I have enough problems without adding secondhand smoke to the mix.
  5. aurora
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    08 Mar 2018
    31 Jul in reply to treepeo1
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    hello treepeo
    your post is so timely. I am rarely here in the site anymore, but I logged in today to relay some of the same kinds of examples.  A friend that I do not see often came by the other day, and she was smoking, and we were having drinks.
    This would normally have been enough to get me smoking again in the past, but I am three and a half years in, and thanks to the supports on this site I adopted the motto that other successful quitters have used - NOPE - not one puff ever.  This is how I have done this for so long, and I am never going back. 
    but you are right, sometimes we can get to that edge, still, after a long time. 
    I was looking out my window today watching a guy smoking - and just thinking about the grip that nasty habit has on us when we smoke. I remember smoking like that, just a ball and a chain, and it took too much of my time. 
    the freedom of my quit has been the best thing ever. thanks for the cautionary tale, We can never take this for granted.  Stay quit and stay focused.
  6. smkfreepauli
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    27 Jul 2021
    12 Aug in reply to treepeo1
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    This is so true! Last year thought, “oh I’ll just smoke with my brother at the cottage - but not anywhere else”. My cigarette smoking increased bit by bit and I was totally hooked again. I quit as of July 16/21 - and I will remember NOT ONE PUFF EVER!! 
  7. wandam
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    05 Feb 2019
    28 Aug
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    Thanks for sharing, how we must always be on guard & not become complacent with our quits! I totally agree, you never know when temptation will raise its ugly head & you have to be prepared to fight it! NOPE (not one puff ever) is an awesome motto to follow & live by in helping us to beat this awful addiction! Take care everyone & keep rocking your quit journey! 

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